What is a CI Electric Bike?

It is a bike that uses an electric motor to assist the rider either on demand or automatically via an electronic sensor system.


Are there any requirements for a Driving License, Insurance or Road Tax?

Power assisted bikes do not need any of the above. According to Irish and European Law, power assisted electric bikes which use the pedal assist method are classified as bicycles and not mechanically propelled vehicles. There is no need for the extra expense associated with other forms of road transport. There are also NO NCT requirements.


What are the legal requirements under EU law?

- The motor must not have a continuous motor rating of more than 250W.
- Power assisted bikes must not exceed 25KMPH.
- The bike must have fully functioning pedals.
- The rider must be 14 years old or more to ride the bike legally on the road.


What is the speed of CI Electric Bikes?

Carrying a rider with a weight of 77kg on a flat surface, the bike can reach up to 25 kmph.


How long can I use the battery?

The battery power depends on how you use the bike, the method of charging and the road conditions. The BM charger has “intelligent charging” and “on-line maintenance” functions from the BTM technique. Our intelligent charging system ensures that on every charge, the lifetime of the battery is maximised. Some top-grade models are equipped with the BM on-line charger.


What is the range that a CI Electric Bike can go?

With a 77 kg weight rider with good road conditions, the CI Electric Bike models can run over 45 kms. The range will also be affected by the pedaling time, the road conditions, the terrain and the weight of the rider etc.


How do I recharge the battery?

Simply connect the charger (comes with CI EBIKE models) onto the battery pack, then plug the charger into any standard 220V (or 110V) outlet.
The charging time normally takes 4 to 5 hours and costs very little per charge. We strongly recommend taking the battery off your bike when you do not plan to use it for a long time. SAFETY CIRCUITRY will guarantee that the battery will not be over charged.


How do I store my battery pack?

The battery pack is best stored in a warm and dry place (please be aware that you should not leave your battery pack anywhere close to a fire). The battery will last longer if it has been fully recharged, so we recommend recharging the battery pack every 30 days.


What are the differences between 48 volts and 36 volts?

The 48V battery boasts a faster speed, quicker acceleration, greater range and better hill climbing capability than the 36V battery.


How do I know if the battery power is low?

All our batteries have independent indicators, so you will always know the status of battery power, or you can use the visible light indicators located on the handlebars.


Can I use my CI Electric Bike in the rain?

The bikes handle the rain just fine, however you will experience a decrease in range when riding in severely cold weather. Avoid floods in heavy rain.


How can I get my bike serviced?

Contact us at 01-4089999 or send a text to our customer service and book an appointment on 087-9413643.


How do I use the charger correctly?

Our charger is purpose made for our electric bikes. The label on the backside of the charger indicates the input voltage. Please fully charge your battery pack untill the indicator lights green. This will ensure the longest possible life of the battery. If the battery is left in a state of low charge for long periods lthe battery life will be limited. Use only the supplied charger. Use of different chargers may cause serious injury to you and may damage the battery pack. The indicator lights on the end of the charger provide important information about the charger and battery.

Red – the battery is charging
Orange – the battery is almost full
Green – the battery is completely full and in maintenance mode


Can I charge the battery on the bike?

To charge the battery on the bike please turn off the key switch (also called ignition switch) before charging. Firstly connect the output plug of the charger into the charging socket of the electric bike, then connect the input plug of charger with your local power socket. Make sure the charger is well ventilated - it is normal for the charger to get war. Do not obstruct the air ventilation of the charger.


Can I charge the battery alone?

Yes, you can. When you charge the battery away from the electric bike, first insert the output plug of the charger to the battery charging socket and then insert the input plug of the charger to your local power socket. Charging two batteries together can be done using the adaptors provided with your electric bike. Connect the output plugs of the adaptor to both batteries, then connect the input plug of the adaptor to the output plug of the charger and connect the input plug of the charger to your local power socket. When carrying the charger, please try to avoid dropping it.


Caution with Chargers

The charger’s plug contains electricity, so please ensure that children do not try to touch the points or insert objects into the charger as it carries high voltages inside. Keep the charger in an area where young children cannot reach it. Do not submerse the charger in liquid, keep away from moist environments and avoid spilling liquids onto the charger.

Important Notice:
Please do not use another brand of charger or battery on an electric bike unless tested by our authorised professionals. If the red light on the charger indicator does not change color after a long period of charging (>12h), it is likely there are some problems with the battery or charger. Please stop charging to avoid overcharging battery. Take the charger and battery pack to your authorised service center.

Batteries have life spans:
The battery capacity will be reduced over time and the overall performance of the battery will reduce accordingly.

The battery should be charged before the last indicator light has gone out – recharge the battery as soon as you see the last indicator light.
We suggest pedaling when moving away from a standing start, to reduce the battery consumption and extend the battery life.