We import our bikes from our factory in China and we have over 12 years of production experience. We use high quality parts from suppliers all over the world.

1. Each CI EBIKE has been rigorously tested and certified.
2. CI EBIKE products conform to the CE Mark (European Certification), GS Mark (Germany), UL Mark (USA), PSE Mark (Japan), National Bicycle Quality Supervision and Inspection Center Mark (China).
3. Each CI EBIKE vehicle has a chassis/frame number, motor number and battery number in order to ensure high quality and provide a quick service for our customers.

CI EBIKE is a leading brand in the electric bike market in Europe.
1. CI EBIKE offers the most competitive prices for all its products, which allows our customers to make huge savings.
2. Production takes place in the world’s biggest exporter – China, therfore we offer the best value products.
3. We have highly qualified technical and sales staff at our office in Dublin.

1. We provide a professional service and have a well trained customer service team.
2. We will arrange an appointment within 2 days and complete repairs within 3 days.
3. We offer a Free FULL SERVICE within 6 months from the date of purchase.
4. A service card will keep a record of your vehicle’s account so we can see an overview of your whole vehicle.

Our electric bikes can be found in all the top bike shops dotted around the country and our partners will be happy to show you the benefits of an e-bike and facilitate a demo cycle.


Quality Assurance

Within years of development and improvement CI EBIKE products have gone through a rigorous quality control inspection and all bikes have undergone individual road testing. Bikes arrive with a QC certificate which carries the date of manufacture and the name of the employee responsible for the final checks on your bike. Keep the certificate handy as a quick reference point for your unique frame, battery and key numbers.

CI EBIKE frames have been tested using the intensive Vibration Fatigue Test, ensuring that our bikes are amongst the strongest and safest in the world. This operation is designed specifically to test for fracture and deformation in the front forks, frame, seat pillar and assembly of a bicycle in compliance with the GB-17761-1999, ISO-9000 standard. The 905 frames have reached 180,000 cycles, with the standard being 70,000 cycles.



















CI EBIKE has undergone the European product safety standard EN 15194. The aim of EN 15194 and EMC is to provide a standard for the assessment of electrically powered bikes.





Your Local Dealers

CI Electric Bikes are sold exclusively throughout selected independent retailers. There are so many shapes, styles, battery types, ranges, and sizes of electric bike, that without the correct knowledge it is almost impossible to make the right decision if you are new to electric bikes. To help you, our dealers provide customers with the best advice before, during and after a sale, to ensure that you are making an informed purchase.

Find your local dealer shop or store by clicking here.