Electric Bike Parts

We offer a wide variety of electric bike parts, electric scooter parts, accessories and other small ride-on electric vehicles. We are continually updating our website with new parts and accessories. If we are out of stock of the electric bike part that you require, please contact us and we will source it for you. At CI EBIKE our mission is to offer you a wide selection of electric bike parts in an easy to navigate and well organised store, combined with excellent customer service both before and after the sale. Click here for more information on Parts for CI Ebike Models.




24V, 36V, 48V, ebike batteries (sealed lead-acid/lithium).
All batteries include a full 12 month warranty. If you encounter any problems with your batteries within one year of purchase please contact us on 01 4089999.


Battery Chargers

24V, 36V, 48V, 60V chargers for UK and Ireland plugs. We also stock 200V for any other type of plug and electric scooter/bike battery chargers. Standard 110/220 Volt AC power input.


Brushless Motor

250W, 350W, 500W, 1000W, brushless motor. Fits many common electric scooter and bike models. Fits both front and back wheel.


Charger Connectors

3-Port Inline Plug
3-Pin XLR Plug
Coaxial Plug
3-Port House Plug



Under voltage protection feature prevents over-discharge and extends battery life. Fits many common electric scooter and bike models.


Control Panels

Handlebar control panels, full digital panel and button control for electric bikes. Come with wires, connectors and sensors.


Thorttles & Grips

Handlebar grips for electric scooters and bikes. Features half length twist throttle



Key lock with 2 keys for trunks and battery covers, rear axle tension adjuster, sprocket to freewheel nut & bolt set for any brand of electric bike.



12/24/36/48 Volt chrome handlebar mount squeeze bulb horn for electric scooters.


Inner Tubes

Electric scooter inner tube with straight valve stem.
Heavy-duty inner tube with bent valve stem.



4" Chrome Plated Headlight.
5 LED bicycle/scooter handlebar mounted with 2- In-1 headlight and flashlight.


Light Bulbs

12V 2.4W 48 LED Headlight Bulb.
12V 5W Taillight Bulb.
12V 10W Headlight Bulb.



2/4 wire key switches. Including battery disconnect switch, handlebar mount switch cluster with grip for lights, horn and turn signals. For any brand of electric bikes.


Fuses & Holders

5 Amp GMA Glass Fuse
10 Amp GMA Glass Fuse
GMA Fuse Holder With Cap
AGC Fuse Holder With Cap and Wires



Electric bike V brakes for front and rear, drum breaks for front and rear (some with lock) and disc brakes for front and rear.



2 Pin or 3 Pin battery/motor connector set for Chinese-made electric scooters and electric bikes. Includes matching pin set.


Battery Casing

Lead-acid battery and lithium battery cases. Come with fuses and wires. Suitable for electric bikes and scooters.


Keys & Locks

Power switch locks, battery lock sets, case locks, light switchs and keys sets.