Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions apply to all CI EBIKE Vehicles.
We offer warranty and an exchange policy to all customers who purchase our products. However, our electric vehicles are non-refundable once purchased. After 6 months, a full-service will be charged at €28.00 per bike. (A full-service includes a battery test, an electric circuit test, a motor test, a bike parts check up including brake system, brake lighting, night time lighting and bearing oil.) We also provide a door to door service charged at €35.00

We are unable to provide after sale service if the following conditions occur:
- Warranty has expired;
- Products were used and maintained without following instructions provided;
- Damage caused by unauthorised disassembly;
- No valid receipt or warranty card;
- Receipt or warranty card altered without authorisation;
- The warranty card and the purchased product do not match;
- False operation and wrong parts applied;
- Damage caused by irresistible forces;


Please Note

- Please show your receipt and warranty card when you need an after-sale service.
- Please make sure that the personal information you fill in the registration form is genuine and accurate, otherwise we will not be responsible for any damage or loss.
- Please keep your warranty card safely. Please report and request a new one if it is lost.
- Please indicate and label the defects you claim need a repair service. Insufficient claims will be rejected.
- Please make sure that the following information is on the registration form:
a - name and code of product;
b - name, address and telephone number of the store;
c - stamp of the store;
d - date of purchase;
e - name, address, postal code, telephone number, email address of customer;
f - record of maintenance



- If any other items of service occur, they must comply with this regulation.
- If any item of the regulation causes conflict with the national rules of law, it shall be carried out by the law.
- CI EBIKE retains the right to amend the regulation.
- The regulation shall go into effect as of the date of promulgation.