Service Card Registration

The warranty does not become active until you have registered the bike. Registration has to be made within 14 days after purchase from any of our dealers.

Please go to Card Registration to register online. A service card will then be sent by post.


Our repair services not only cover CI Electric Bikes but also cover any other brand of e-bikes and e-scooters.

Delivery & Charge Figure
Our free delivery service covers Dublin City only. We also deliver our bikes to Ireland nationwide.
Please see extra charge figure below :

Bike in carton box  |  € 30.00
Bike on pallet  |  € 50.00

Quality Guarantee & After Service
In order to guarantee your satisfaction, we offer a three year warranty for the frame, and a one year warranty for batteries and motors.
In addition, we provide maintenance service for life. Terms and conditions apply.

After 6 months, a full-service will be charged at €38.00 per bike.
(A full-service includes battery test, electric circuit test, motor test, bike parts check up including brake system, brake lighting, night time lighting and bearing oil.)

We also provide a door to door service charged at €35.00

Find out more about our product parts in our Parts Book for CI Electric Bikes and what parts are available for other electric bike brands.

After Service
- Within the warranty period, (batteries and motors one year, frame three years), if any problems occur we will replace the parts. The outer covering and painting are not included and this will be charged if customers require it. Within the warranty period, if the after-sale service requires more than three days to repair the bike, the customer shall receive a replacement bike for the time required.
- The warranty becomes effective from the date of purchase. We also offer an on-site service in Dublin. The service requires one-week notice and an extra charge. (Dublin only)

- Within 6 months from the date of purchase, we provide a free wash, oil and test service.